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As a nation we spend so much time checking on the weather forecast particularly when anyone is organising an outdoor event. We followed the same routine ahead of this year’s major fund raising event, given the very poor weather this summer.
It was dry and warm when the green was prepared on the Saturday and all the tents erected.It was even better on the day itself – overcast at first but dry and as the day wore on the skies cleared to give us long sunny and hot sunshine. It was quite humid all day which ended, as the teams departed, with display by flying ants.
It was a wonderful day, enjoyed by the 48 players representing 16 mixed teams from various clubs. The players well supported the raffle, the total shots scored competition, enjoyed the bar and certainly enjoyed their games. The green played well and it was very reassuring to hear from many players that the green was one of the best they had played on this year. So well done to Maurice and the green committee.

The club has always had a reputation for providing excellent food at this event and this year was no exception. At the end of the day, the players not only applauded the catering corps but also gave a rousing cheer. Well done to Liz and her team.
The winning team from the red section then played the winning team for the blue section in a close final of just 3 ends. The winning team (Crusaders) was Mary Hough and her team from Cross in Hand narrowly beating John Robinson (Robbos) and his ex Nutley team. The trophy was presented to the winning team by Vivienne Woods the daughter of Alf Sayers who was for many years the greenkeeper at Nutley Bowling club.
Our thanks go to all those who helped in any way to make this day such a success. The 2 Keiths for running the bar, to Roger and Kathryn for the raffle, David for the total shots, Maurice for scoring and finally to Peter Lambert for all his organising. Nobody really knows his total commitment.

Mike (speaker mike) Evans

JUNE 2016 posted: 1 Jul 2016

It was certainly not sunny June. The weather this month has not been at all helpful to outdoor bowling. The Tuesday club working party has struggled to keep the green playable given that so much rain has fallen this month. Inevitably it has led to quite a few cancellations – in fact 6 games out of 13 that were scheduled. One league game was played in miserable rainy conditions over the minimum of 12 ends. Not a good start to our season. It is raining now, as I write this missive on 1st July.

Mike Evans

First Game of 2016 posted: 17 May 2016

What a start to the season!!!!!

Having waited all winter (which seems to last forever) we keenly stepped on to the green for our first game of the season last Thursday evening. It was a chilly to start but with but soon became very cold.

Although we would normally play 21 ends it was agreed to only play 18 ends. As the evening wore on and we all became disenchanted about playing on in near freezing conditions, a halt was agreed after just 15 ends. Relief all round as we all got into the pavilion for a welcome and warming cup of tea and a light supper.

In retrospect perhaps the only good thing that came out of the evening was a win on all three rinks.

Mike Evans
30 April 2016

Alf Sayers Memorial Trophy 12 July 2015 posted: 15 Jul 2015

The organisers consulted the weather forecast more times than they can remember in the days leading up to this fundraising event. The games started at 10am but rain was forecast to start at around 11am and just before that time the rain arrived and stayed with us, as on/off drizzle all day. However it was never bad enough to spoil the day.
The players were reminded that the Nutley Bowling Club was celebrating its centenary this year and thanks to the work of the Nutley Historical Society there was a display of photographs and other information on show in the pavilion.
Peter Lambert had organised the 16 teams to play throughout the day on a green that played very well, with covered protection for those waiting to play. Peter aided by Maurice Robinson kept the scores until late in the afternoon when the 3 end final was contested between Felbridge , skipped by Andrew Hathaway and the South Paws skipped by Neil Leversley. Although the South Paws were ahead after 2 ends, the final end saw Felbridge win the day.
After the prizes were handed out by the Chairman Bob Ibbotson, Vivian Woods presented the Trophy to the winners. Her father Alf Sayers had been the greenkeeper for many years at the club and by coincidence, Alf would also have been 100 years old in July this year.
The catering was once again excellent, organised by June Lambert, Liz Lloyd and the catering corps of volunteers. The bar was well stocked, used and organised by Keith Paul. The visitors supported the raffle and the total shots competition very well.
It was a very successful day with very favourable comments about the organisation, the good food, refreshments, the good green as well as the overall friendliness of the club. A fitting tribute to the club celebrating 100 years.
Our thanks go to all those club members who worked in any way either setting up the venue on the Saturday or throughout the day of competition.
Mike Evans Club Captain
15 July 2015

Royal Household B.C. 2015 posted: 22 Jun 2015

The Club is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. After 2 years of planning by Maurice Robinson most of the club and 5 spectators left Nutley on Sunday 21 June just after 9am for a special celebration game in Windsor Great Park, within sight of Windsor Castle, against the Royal Household Bowling Club.
We arrived in Windsor by about 10.30am which gave everyone a good opportunity to wander around this special town, thronging with so many visitors, before being taken to the host’s club.The weather was fine and dry with some sunshine, almost perfect for the game which was enjoyed by all. The welcome and hospitality shown by the hosts was first class with friendly rivalry throughout the afternoon. An enjoyable salad meal, sweet and a drink from the bar was provided after the game. What an experience.
The club was given a souvenir plaque of the Royal Household Bowling Club to remind us of this very special fixture in this special year for the Nutley club.
I know the day was enjoyed by everyone and I am sure we will all have a lasting memory of such a one off fixture.
Mike Evans
22 June 2015

100th Anniversary posted: 6 Apr 2015

We are really excited at the prospect this year of celebrating 100 years of the Nutley Bowling Club.An article in the Sussex Agricultural Express dated27 August 1915reports on a match between Nutley and Uckfield.The home team were described as novices.We are a small club, privately funded and run by its members, situated in a relatively small village.We have undertaken a promotional exercise with a new leaflet about our club with financial support of several local businesses.We have planned a few special events during the year and in a small way will celebrate with each visiting club during the season.
Mike EvansClub Captain

Captain’s Day 24 August 2014 posted: 26 Aug 2014

Organising the day got a little easier when it was known that 6 male and 6 female players had agreed to partake in this annual event.With this “mix” of members it was relatively easy to draw lots to sort out mixed pairs (always making sure husbands and wives were not drawn together).We played 4 games of 3 wood pairs, each for 5 ends, moving then to play another team on a different rink. It was good weather, good fun, nice cake and bread pudding at the mid afternoon interval and a very enjoyable afternoon. Finding the winner was the most difficult part of the day. Three of the teams had scored 21 shots and all had also conceded 11 shots. So it was down to the number of ends won to decide the winner, the team of Sandy Hite and Mike Evans. Just think if somebody else wanted to play that day, I would have stood down and you might have won.My thanks go to those who supported me on my day.

Mike Evans – Club Captain

The Club BBQ 2014 posted: 27 Jul 2014

What a great evening on Friday 25 July, out in the slightly cooler fresh air, at our annual BBQ held at the club’s pavilion. The weather was perfect, the setting ideal, the food delicious and plentiful and the company just right.Our thanks must go to the behind the scenes organisers Liz Lloyd and June Lambert in sorting out who would be coming and catering accordingly – what a great job. Keith Wilson looked after the liquid refreshments and distributed it according to taste.Mike Evans and Roger Lloyd did their best not to burn the food – in fact it turned out to be a great feast.Such an evening however would not have been possible without the support of the members and their friends who came along. Thank you for coming.If you were not able to be there- you missed a perfect evening.
Mike Evans

Alf Sayers Memorial Trophy 2014 posted: 15 Jul 2014

It is said that the weather is the favourite topic of the British. Certainly over the week leading up to this event, many a club member spent many hours studying the weather forecast indicating a very wet day for our major fund raising event.
This very special event took place on Sunday 13 July with 16 invited teams enjoying a splendid day bowling on a well prepared green on a near perfect day, with only one very brief shower despite the presence of a number of dark, threatening clouds.
The finalists were Mary Hough and her Crusaders team against last year’s winner Jim Read and his Rioja Ravers but on this occasion Mary’s team ran out as winners. Our congratulations go to the winners but equally to all the teams for such a good day of quality bowling.
The trophy was awarded to the winners by Vivienne Woods the daughter of Alf Sayers who was the greenkeeper at Nutley for 20 years.
The day went like clockwork thanks to the splendid organisation by Peter Lambert. Peter as scorer was ably assisted by Sandy.
As usual the catering was up to the expected high standard thanks to the efforts of Liz Lloyd, June Lambert and their many volunteers before and on the day.
The bar was under the control of Keith Wilson, his first task after his extended stay in America.The raffle was very well supported with Tony Smith doing his best to legally extract as much money from the visitors while our newest member Ted Rowley (David Bailey in disguise) operated the total shots on the day competition.
Mike Evans – the man with the megaphone

The Gilbert Harding Triples Competition 2014 posted: 2 Jun 2014

The weather on 1st June for the triples competition could not have been better .Plenty of sunshine greeted the 15 players at 10am for the start of the round robin games. With 5 teams this required each team to play the other 4 teams in turn so by the end of a beautiful day there were many very tired players. With a normal triples game it would last for 18 ends but as each game played today consisted of 7 ends it meant that by the end of the day 28 ends had been played.

It was a pleasure to witness such excellent bowling all day in such a lovely setting.

We were all provided with an excellent lunch by Sandy and June which certainly helped many to get through the day.

All the games had ended by 4.30 pm and whilst we all enjoyed more food with tea and cakes, Sandy checked the cards to find the winners. It was very close indeed but the winners were the team of David Martin , Mike Francis and John Thompson. Congratulations to the winners but also to everyone else for such a good days bowling.

Finally thank you to Sandy and June for organising it all and to all the catering staff.
Mike Evans
Club Captain

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